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 Come Celebrate Purim
  at Mishkon!

Purim is one of the most joyous holidays in the Jewish calendar. It commemorates the survival and tenacity of the Jewish people and reminds us to have the courage to stand up to injustice.



Mishloach Manot

This year's gift bags will celebrate Mishkon's 75 Years on Main Street! The Mishloach Manot goodies will be delivered in tote bags from Stand With Us and filled with hamantaschen, treats from Israel, and donations from our neighboring businesses on Main Street (find the list of donors below).
By participating in this custom, you are fulfilling the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot, that Jews should “send portions to each other.” You can send to specific recipients for $9.00 per gift bag or to the entire membership for $720. When you make your Mishloach Manot purchase, you can also sign up to bake hamantaschen, fill bags, or deliver the bags to fellow Mishkonians! 
Sponsor Mishloach Manot bags by Monday, March 18.

Tuesday, March 19  Hamantaschen Baking 
Wednesday, March 20  Mishloach Manot Gift Bag Filling 
March 21 and 22  Mishloach Manot Deliveries 



Megillah Reading and Spiel

Join us for the re-telling of the Purim story (the whole Megillah)! 
Purim celebrates a profound reversal of fortune — the deliverance of the Jews of ancient Persia from persecution. Rescued by heroic intervention from Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai, the Jewish people were saved from the diabolical plot of the evil Haman. The story of Purim, recalled in Megilat Esther, or the Book of Esther, is laced with the very relevant themes of concealing one’s identity and overcoming the baseless hatred of the Jewish people. Let's gather in our costumes to hear the Megillah, laugh, make L’chayims, and celebrate our very Jewish story. 
Stay tuned for information about spiels and more!

Saturday, March 23  8:00 p.m. 

Purim Carnival 

This Purim morning at Mishkon includes a family-friendly reading of the Megillah with music, as well as yelling “boo!” and shaking groggers whenever Haman’s name is mentioned. So partake in the religious observance of dressing up to enjoy a costume parade with prizes, loads of fun games and activities including a bounce house, and face painting, to fulfill the tradition of wearing masks, hiding our identity – or revealing our true identity.

Tickets are $36 per person, or $18 for children younger than 12 (reduced pricing available for Mishkon Preschool families).

Sunday, March 24  10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Mishkonian's Hamentaschen Recipes 

Mary Stark's Apricot Hamentaschen Recipe

In 1972, Mishkon member Ginni Rosenfeld and her family were featured in an article about Purim. The article includes some adorable family photos and shares some recipes Mrs. Rosenfeld was making for the holiday.

Ginni, a third grader at the Hillel School, eagerly explained the meaning of the holiday.
"Purim means "lots" in Hebrew," she said. "Haman, the prime minister of Persia wanted to put all the Jews to death because they wouldn't bow down to him. They would only worship God." she added. "So with the king's approval, Haman drew lots to see which day was the best to kill all the Jews. The 13 day of Adar, (a Jewish month), was selected." she concluded.

Read the full article and try their Purim family recipes in the Mishkon Cookbook blog.

Clothing Drive

Mishkon's Social Action Committee is organizing a clothing drive for our neighbor St. Joseph's Center. St. Joseph's Center provides advocacy, child care, emergency food, employment services, homeless support services, mental health services, and personal goods to assist low-income and homeless individuals and families in the West Los Angeles area. 

By donating, you are fulfilling the mitzvah of giving gifts to the poor. Please donate only new clothes in their original packaging. Nothing with red colors. Donations will be collected in Mishkon's front entrance. 

Most needed items include: Women's underwear (M-XXL),  Women's sport bras (M-XXL), Men's underwear and T-shirts (M-XXL) and adult socks (all sizes).

Mishloach Manot Community Donors

Wed, July 17 2024 11 Tammuz 5784