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B'nei Mitzvah Preparations

Celebrating becoming B’nei Mitzvah at Mishkon Tephilo is an important step toward becoming a knowledgeable Jew.

Our B’nei Mitzvah Preparation program is designed to make the b’nei mitzvah milestone possible and meaningful for each student and family. Our program provides students with the tutoring, programming, support, and individualized attention they need to feel confident and successful.

At Mishkon Tephilo we believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to celebrate becoming a B'nei Mitzvah. We know that not all students learn the same way, do not have the same natural talents or abilities, and come from very different life experiences. We are committed to working with every student and making this event a truly positive and enriching experience for every family. 

In the 5th grade, you will receive a B’nei Mitzvah packet. You will be invited to fill out and return a form indicating your preferred dates for your child’s B’nei Mitzvah service. After you have returned the form listing your preferences, you will receive written confirmation of your child’s B’nei Mitzvah date.


Expectations: Students prepare to lead a congregational worship service, to chant from the Torah and Haftarah (Prophets) portions of the day, and to teach about the Torah or Prophets portion by writing a D’var Torah or D’var Haftarah. These years of study impart the knowledge, skills and confidence for a successful B’nei Mitzvah celebration. Most important, they help our students develop a strong connection to the Mishkon community and lay the foundation for a positive lifelong Jewish identity.

Our B’nei Mitzvah preparation process includes a minimum of two years of study in our Youth Education programs.


Eligibility: Students become eligible for B’nei Mitzvah upon:

  1. Reaching their 13th birthday.
  2. Completion of four years in our Youth Education Programs or Jewish Day School. If you are new to our community, please reach out to us as Jewish education in another setting may also be counted.
  3. B’nei Mitzvah students must attend our Youth Education Programs throughout the entirety of their B’nei Mitzvah year.


Jewish Day School Students: Jewish day school students may waive our enrollment requirement. Participation in our Beit Midrash program is mandatory. Participation in our Beit Midrash helps students be more confident and prepared for their service and make friends in the Mishkon community.

New to Mishkon: For families new to the area, enrollment in another Jewish Education program for the requisite years will be accepted toward Mishkon ’s four-year requirement.

Beit Midrash Program

Beit Midrash Program: During the final six months (summer and winter vacations may extend this time to account for vacations), students will prepare in our individual B’nei Mitzvah tutoring sessions. Students meet weekly to learn and practice their prayers with our tutors, madrichim, and clergy.

Wed, August 10 2022 13 Av 5782