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Welcome to the Susan Sims Bodenstein Preschool at Mishkon



Mishkon is thrilled to announce that Tatiana Zaidman has started as our Director of Early Childhood Education as of April 1, 2021! She has a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education and has experience working at several schools in Southern California. Tatiana will be working on re-opening and re-imagining our school. Expect to hear from her soon about when we will re-open and other details. It’s an exciting time for Mishkon! To learn more about Tatiana, please click here. You can email Tatiana here.

We will be open for summer in August 2021. Registration forms and tuition schedule coming soon. Click here to schedule a tour today!

Our Early Childhood Program serves children from 18 months to six years. We provide a warm, nurturing environment influenced by Jewish traditions, where children can develop to their fullest potential. We treat children as unique individuals and support, guide, and stimulate their social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, creative, and physical growth. The preschool is on hiatus during the pandemic. Our children internalize Jewish values and traditions through Shabbat observances and the celebration of all Jewish holidays. For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact our director at


We maintain a low child-teacher ratio (8:1 in preschool, 4:1 for toddlers). Our ratios enable teachers to facilitate children’s exploration of art, dramatic play, literature, music, science, math, and cooking by helping them to engage in developmentally appropriate activities. Responding to the developmental needs of each child, we support younger children as they develop independent toilet-learning skills.

We strive to help children become motivated, self-directed learners, enabling them to seek out experiences of interest and solve problems in an ever-changing world. We encourage children to explore and develop their sense of curiosity through hands-on activities and child-led learning. Our children enjoy ample opportunity to play, share, cooperate, and build self-confidence and esteem.

We provide materials that vary in complexity and diversity, providing challenging opportunities for all children to develop skills and understanding. Children require years of play with real objects and events before they develop the ability to understand the meaning of symbols, such as letters and numbers. This learning takes place through interaction with others; children learn with all senses and through experimentation. As children’s understanding of concepts and language skills gradually develop over their first few years, they acquire an understanding of more abstract and symbolic information. We provide a variety of enriching books and literacy-related materials, such as finger puppets, flannel board stories, and tools for early writing. Further avenues for creative symbolic expression are opened through a variety of paper, water-based paints, markers, and other materials. The learning experience is rounded out with outdoor play on large-muscle equipment, field trips, undertaking classroom responsibilities, and problem-solving opportunities with both children and adults.


Our teachers are either credentialed or have completed early childhood education, as required by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division. In addition, our teaching team participates in a continuous program of educational development.

Our staff uses positive techniques of guidance such as redirection, anticipation, and elimination of potential problems, positive reinforcement, and encouragement. Consistent, clear rules are explained to children and understood by adults. Limits are set for the children, while our environment is arranged to minimize the number of “no’s” necessary. We nurture children’s self-esteem through respecting, accepting, and comforting them.

The first few days of preschool are very exciting for parent and child but may also be a difficult time. However eager your child seems to begin preschool, there will be a moment when s/he realizes that you will not be present. The apprehension that accompanies that realization is normal for both parent and child. Most children adjust to preschool with little difficulty; nevertheless, gradual separation is important to assure smooth transitions. Our staff is committed to providing the support and time to make this adjustment as pleasant as possible. This includes home visits before your child begins school.

For more information, please email


We will be open for summer in August 2021. Registration and tuition schedule coming soon.


For more information, email Tatiana Zaidman at

Mon, April 19 2021 7 Iyyar 5781