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Important Update on the Powerhouse Sale Process April 21, 2022

 Dear Mishkon Community,

On behalf of the Mishkon Board of Directors, we want to thank everyone for the display of dedication to and love for our community regarding the vote to sell the Powerhouse.  In that spirit, the board met last night and, after much discussion, came up with a plan that we believe will give us a critical financial boost, thereby allowing us to cancel any sale at this time.  

As a result, the motion that was to be voted on during a special congregational meeting this Sunday, April 24 has been removed from consideration, and the meeting has been cancelled.  

But Mishkon’s challenges remain.  We rely on member growth and involvement for steady success.

We sincerely hope for your sustained enthusiasm to raise funds, bring in new members, support our programs and schools, and be present in our community.  There is a role for everyone, and the Board will be happy to help you find your place in this effort.  You showed us great energy.  Let’s not lose that.

Thank you again for your support,
Cindy Goldstein and Carole Stein


New Statement From Rabbi Katzan - April 8, 2022

I am supportive of infusing our budget with reliable and sustainable income. I support the Board of Directors and its recommendations for raising much-needed funds to fulfill my vision for Mishkon and help the congregation survive and thrive during these difficult times. Although all synagogues are having financial problems because of the pandemic, ours is especially vulnerable because we are small. As I said at the March 3 meeting, “What a pleasure it will be to have some relief and continue our mission with less worry.”

Email Sent to Congregation - March 31, 2022

An Important Message to the Mishkon Community

On Sunday, April 3 at 4 p.m. on Zoom, we’re having the second Informational Meeting for the community about the sale of the Powerhouse property.  We’ve postponed the vote until April 24 to give everyone more time to consider the sale, and below is our thorough, detailed, updated Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers), including specific plans, as well as a copy of the current budget. Our goal is to make sure everyone feels heard, considered, and involved in this process.
During the past several weeks of discussion about the sale of the Powerhouse property, one thing has stood out: the love that members feel for Mishkon. Not only members, but also community stakeholders and former members!  What matters most is our community and our ability to listen to and respect one another’s perspectives, concerns, and ideas. We are in this together. The pandemic and other matters have affected Mishkon significantly, leaving it in a weakened financial position. Our board, in its fiduciary duty, has proposed a solution. As some of you have told us, there may be others. Some are being actively examined. What you’ll see below addresses comments and questions we have received. Thank you to all who have taken the time to call and write.

Please stay in touch as we go through this process together.
Please click on the links below for the needed documents:

  • Official ballot and proxy form - You must be logged in to your ShulCloud account to view and submit this form.
    • If you have questions about how to log in or access your ShulCloud account, please contact Neda, our office assistant, at or 310-392-3021.
    • If you have already voted, your vote has been counted. If you choose to change your vote, you can vote using the new ballot, linked above. 
    • If you have not voted, you can vote using the new ballot, linked above. 
    • Votes will be accepted until April 24.
  • To prepare for the meetings, click the links below for the Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) and the budget.

FAQ 1 - sent 3/11/22

FAQ 2 - sent 3/18/22

FAQ 3 - sent 3/31/22


2021-2022 Mishkon Budget


The State of Mishkon  Facilities Needs

  • Participation at the congregational meeting and voting at that meeting are open to all Mishkon members in good standing (which means those whose dues are paid in full or who are on a monthly payment plan administered by Mishkon). If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact Interim Synagogue Administrator Ellie Laycook at  
  •  If you would like further information, please refer to the links (above), attend the Zoom Informational Meeting, attend the Zoom Congregational Meeting (links below and in the calendar on the Mishkon website), or contact Mishkon’s treasurer, Sol Ortasse, at

    Many thanks,

Cindy Goldstein, President
Andy Bender, Vice President
Sol Ortasse, Treasurer
Carol Felixson, Secretary

Hymie Milstein

Ira Schreck

Roz Silver
Carole Stein
David E.S. Stein
Roberta Tishman
Melissa Tarsky, Immediate Past President

Email Sent to Congregation - March 24, 2022

Hi, Mishkon Members,

You spoke, and we heard you! At our first informational meeting about the sale of the Powerhouse property, at our board meeting last night, and every day in between, you have made many thoughtful suggestions and asked many well-considered questions.

We want to make sure you feel heard, considered, and involved in this process. Clearly, you haven’t so far. We intend to do better now.

As a result, at the board meeting last night, the motion previously passed about the sale of the Powerhouse property was withdrawn, and a new motion was passed.

In order to allow more time for you to consider the sale, the new motion says that the congregational meeting and vote scheduled for April 3 will be postponed until April 24. The April 3 meeting will instead be an additional informational meeting.

To provide you with the facts you need in the meantime, we will send a thorough, detailed packet next week. We’ll provide specific plans, updated Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers), and a copy of the current budget. 

Please stay in touch as we go through this process together.

Cindy Goldstein,
On behalf of the 
Board of Directors

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) Part 3

Wed, August 10 2022 13 Av 5782