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Cindy Goldstein lives in West Los Angeles and has been a member of Mishkon since she moved to L.A. in 1989.  She is devoted to Mishkon and has served on many committees and the Board of Directors and has participated in many holidays and events in those three decades.  She has been the High Holy Days Tzarina for 11 years and was a gabbai at Shabbat services for 25 years.

She is from Detroit, one of the largest suppliers of Mishkon members in the United States.  She grew up in a family that loved cooking, baking and eating, and they were all thin. Her family belonged to a very traditional Conservative congregation, where girls never appeared on the bimah and could aspire only to Sisterhood activities, like food preparation.  How far she’s come: Now she gets to do food preparation AND be on the bimah!

She went to college for 12 years, earning three degrees, none of which she uses in her main job as an administrator at the VA.  She’s had a number of careers, including newspaper reporter and editor, research director, budget officer, and journalism professor.

She is also devoted to chocolate and can be bribed with small amounts of high-quality bittersweet chocolate.  Every summer, she spends a week in Stratford, Ontario, at the Shakespeare Festival, where she’s been going since she was 10.

She loves hot, humid weather, which she believes is sadly lacking in L.A.  However, having lived for many years in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Iowa, she is happy never to move again.

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  • Cindy Goldstein, President

  • Ira Schreck, Vice President

  • Sol Ortasse, Treasurer

  • Sarah Portnoy, Secretary


  • Andy Bender

  • Murray Kalis

  • Hymie Milstein

  • Roz Silver

  • David E.S. Stein

  • Roberta Tishman

  • Melissa Tarsky, Immediate Past President


  • Adult Education – Phil Bell

  • Barbara’s Book Club – Rena Panush

  • Building & Grounds – J. Schmidt and Spencer Rosenheck

  • Chesed Team – Donna Malamud

  • Communications – David E.S. Stein

  • Education Liaisons - Sarah Portnoy and Erica Klein

  • Facebook - Carol Felixson

  • Finance - Sol Ortasse

  • Fundraising – Ira Schreck

  • Holidays - We Need You!

  • Membership – Murray Kalis

  • Nominating Committee - Carole Stein

  • Social Action – We need you!

  • Tephila/Shabbat Coordinator – Catherine Nelson,

  • Volunteer Coordinator – We Need you!

  • Webmaster – Kelley Courtney

Thu, May 13 2021 2 Sivan 5781