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Frequently Asked Questions


Accessing Content

Why can't I see any videos?

Mishkon's online High Holy Days services are accessible only to current members and anyone who has registered for online access. If this applies to you, then under the "High Holy Days" menu at the top of the page, you should be able to see both "Videos on Demand" and "Livestream." If you cannot see those options, you either are not logged in to the website or are not registered for online access.

How do I log in?

In the upper right corner of this page, you will see a "Log in" button. Click this button and enter the email address with which you originally registered or at which you receive correspondence from Mishkon. 

What if I forgot my password?

When you click "Log in" at the top of this page, you will see an option that says "Forgot Password." Click this link, then enter the email address we have on file. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

How do I create an online account?

If you are a current or recent member of Mishkon, then you already have an online account. DO NOT CREATE a new account; rather, reset your password using the instructions above under "Forgot Password."

If, however, you are not a member of Mishkon and have not previously created an online account with us, and you would like to access our online High Holy Days services, you can click the "New User: Register Now" button at the top of this page.

I'm a member of Mishkon. Can I request online access for my friends/family?

Click here to request guest access for your family and/or friends

If you receive an error when trying to access this form, it is because you have not yet renewed your membership for the 2020/2021 calendar year. Click here to renew your membership, then return here to request guest access.

I believe a Mishkon member purchased Guest Access for me. What now?

If someone has registered you for Guest Access, you must first log into the website by clicking "Log in" in the upper-right corner. Under "email address," please enter the address at which you received your confirmation email, as well as the password included in that email. If you didn't receive the confirmation email, simply click "Log in," then "Forgot Password." You will receive a link to reset your password and should be able to access all the online content at that time.

How do I register to watch services?

Current members of Mishkon automatically have access to all our online holiday services and programs. If you don't see any content, please make sure you are logged in. If you are logged in, your name should appear in the upper-right corner of this page. If instead you see a "Log in" button, then you are not logged in.

If you are not a member of Mishkon and would like to request online access, click here. Please note: You must first log in to before you can request online access for the High Holy Days video streams. If you've forgotten your password, you may reset it here. If you have never provided Mishkon with your email address, you may need to register for a free account, which you can do here.

Can my kids/family/friends also watch services online?

Yes! If you already have access to our online holiday services, that allows all members of your household to watch with you. If you have children 25 years and older or other family/friends for whom you would like to request guest access, click here.

I'm logged in and can see the "Videos on Demand" and "Livestream" pages, but I still can't see any videos.

Rosh Hashanah services videos will be available to watch on demand by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 18. If you are watching on the livestream page, services will begin automatically at the scheduled time (please make sure you have followed all the instructions on that page).


Watching Online Services

Do I have to watch services at the schedule listed online?

Not at all. We have provided two ways to watch services online this year: "On Demand" and "Livestream." 

Under the "High Holy Days" menu above, if you click "Videos on Demand," you can watch services whenever you like, in whatever order you please, however many times you want. You can even pause, rewind, and fast-forward services!

If you don't want to touch your computer over the holidays, you can click "Livestream" for a set-it-and-forget-it option. Simply load up that page before the holiday, click the play button on the video, and services will begin streaming according to our posted schedule. With this option, you can't pause, rewind, or fast-forward, though - it's just like attending services in person.

If I'm watching the real-time livestream, can I pause or rewind the video?

Please see the question and answer immediately above.

If I watched services in real-time, can I go back and watch them again?

You can! However, you will need to do so on the "Videos on Demand" page.

I'm having trouble hearing the livestream - what should I do?

The livestream plays at the same volume as the device on which you're watching. Please make sure your device's volume is turned up.

Can other people see me while I watch services? Do I need a camera or microphone?

In short, no. Our online High Holy Days services are not interactive (unlike our Shabbat services, which we conduct over Zoom), so no one can see you while you're watching - whether on-demand on in real-time. As a result, there is no need for a camera or microphone - just a reliable Internet connect.


Machzor (Prayer Book)

I don't have a physical Machzor (prayer book) - can I access it online?

You sure can! We have a digital copy of the Machzor available for use during our online services. Members and registered guests can access it here.

Is there a way to download the Machzor as a PDF or print it out at home?

Unfortunately, the digital Machzor can only be accessed in a web browser or using the Issuu app. Click here for more information.


Yizkor Book

Click here to view the Yizkor Book.


Contact Us

If you have tried the solutions above and you're still having technical troubles, you can call our Technical Support Helpline at (323) 309-5446.


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