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By Robyn Willson, Preschool Director


    It’s been two months since we closed the doors on our classrooms.  Since then, things have changed significantly in all of our lives.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the dedication of our amazing teachers.  Within days, they began developing an online program to continue providing educational instruction to our preschool families.  It wasn’t easy; there were hiccups along the way.  Each mistake has been used as a learning opportunity to adjust and improve.  We continue to evaluate the program and make changes as needed.

     This is not an ideal situation for any of us.  We miss being with our students in the classroom.   Interacting with the children over the computer will never replace being with them in person.  While the preschool setting is a place to learn the 1,2,3s and A,B,Cs, more than anything it is a place for children to make friends.  For teachers to help develop a love for learning in each child.  To provide stimulating and fun experiences that lay the foundations for future success. 

      Despite the struggles that we are all going through during the current situation, we look forward to the day where we will all be together again.  The day we will be able to open the doors to our classrooms and welcome the children back in.  We continue on because of the promise of that day.  The words of support from our families help to keep us going as we await that day.  None of us knows exactly when that day will arrive or the changes to our program that we will need to make to make it happen.  Despite all of that, we continue on.

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