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Much Appreciated Help

By Gene Alper


Andy Bender          Sue Horn                 Rena Panush and the entire family            Morley Berenbach

Avery Krut             Evan Puziss                      Roberta Tishman                        Carole and David Stein

Michele and Jeffrey Prince                 Marcy Drexler                Elaine and Darren Haber             

Brett Barenholtz    Cathy Engel Marder              Carol Felixson               Kate Palmer 

  Judy Raffel and Len Lipman                                               Gabriel Botnick

The names you see above are, in no particular order, those members and former members of the community who have given much appreciated assistance to me, taking me to appointments and getting me home safely, coming over to the house to prepare ketogenic recipes, having our family over (when that was still permitted), or just coming over for a visit. Your generosity of spirit has meant a lot to me as I've been on this journey. I'm coming up on the second anniversary since my diagnosis, August 6, 2018. I certainly have come to understand the value of friendships in one's life more than ever. I thank you for yours. I must tell you that my treatment team has often commented with awe on the depth and breadth of my friendships.

If you are not on the list above, take no offense, and feel free to let me know in a private text. My memory is not quite as good as it once was, but I'm still grateful to G-d that my mind is working. One of my brother's friends, who was diagnosed with glioblastoma shortly after me is already in hospice care. It all depends on the location and size of the tumor. I think I got lucky with these aspects of my illness. Anyway, I send you all my best and hope to see you soon in shul.

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