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This Journey

By Lonnie Freedman


The pandemic has arrived, and we all have been affected in some way. I am fortunate enough to still be gainfully employed and working remotely. It has been a challenge to adjust to being at home all the time. I have had to become disciplined enough to step away from my desk every day at 5 and go for a walk. Obtaining enough masks and gloves became quite an adventure. And I have given up my search for Lysol.

This journey has brought some surprises for me, too. First of all, I have become domestic! Cooking and cleaning are a new daily part of my life. Not that my place was not clean before - now it is cleaner and less cluttered. And I was certainly eating well before - now I am eating less prepared food and eating fresher food that I prepare myself.

Another surprise - speaking with my sister more often. I have felt so concerned since, as a speech therapist working in nursing homes, she is in the middle of all of this. So now we speak weekly, and I am so relieved every time she tells me she is OK.

Another great pleasure is Zoom time with friends. I have never used FaceTime or anything like it before, but I must say it is fun. It’s not the same thing as in person, but it is a very easy way to stay connected and informed.

Mishkon has done a great job making our services and classes virtual. I really enjoy Shabbat morning services and the classes I have attended. We owe Rabbi Botnick, Cindy, the board, our committees, Kelley, and our teaching staff a big thank you for keeping it all going.

The Shul is a big part of my life. As a way to say thank you and help us to keep it all going, I decided to donate my tax refund this year. I hope that others will consider doing the same. Whether you can give $18 or $1,000, it really doesn’t matter. Every donation helps us stay healthy as a community and as an organization.

Stay healthy and safe. I look forward to seeing all of you in person in the near future.

Mon, August 3 2020 13 Av 5780