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Into the Wild: My Home Office

By Kelley Courtney


Someone in my office is driving me nuts. Hoarding information and forgetting where they stashed it! Zipping from one thing to another without any focus. Running ahead of the team. Tough to pin down. Does this sneaky co-worker sound familiar? Well, his name is Billy Squire, and he lives in my backyard! He’s my new pet squirrel.

Working from home has been lonely but also tranquil and productive, and full of vitamin D, flowers, and a beautiful landscape. My little homegrown sanctuary offers many opportunities for new discoveries and seeing everyday things I often overlook.

Because my computer desk faces the yard, Billy brings me a simple beauty, full of entertainment. I leave him walnuts each day under the bird feeder (since I am allergic, he reaps the benefits!). He brings some to his wife; he buries the rest in various locations throughout the yard. He fights off the other male (and the two resident crows) who want the goods and who are encroaching on his territory. He lets the doves and sparrows partake, however.

Besides my furry-friend obsession, I also have been researching various birds I see living here. The hummingbirds are my favorite! Wait! Here comes the dove looking for the nuts. Little does he know: Billy has buried every last morsel!

When this is all said and done, we will return to a new normal. I am committed to bringing a new outlook and balance to that new normal - full of optimism and hope. An attitude of gratefulness will ensue and move us all forward and enable us to thrive. Especially Billy, as he will be the fattest in the neighborhood!


Mon, August 3 2020 13 Av 5780