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By Carol Felixson


Scared and I am here

Doing what I can to help

Stay healthy and calm


Cities are closing

Almost everything and more

We isolate home


New reality

Are you kidding me? Nightmare

Taking it in stride


What ways can I help

First responders and those sick?

Donations - stay home


Busy with laundry

Hours in front of TV

iPads and iPhones


Virus on Shabbat

Lots of plans for live streaming

Candles - wine - burgers


My daily routine

Plan meals - exercise - read

Practice recorder


More routine to-dos

FaceTime my kids and grandkids

Mishkon Facebook posts


Visit family

Six feet or more distancing

Kids and our grandkids


Walking on Main Street

Ghost town - stores are all shut up

Except restaurants


Life getting normal

In abnormal kind of way

News - stay home - eat - sleep


Learning to use Zoom

Meetings - education - fun

See other people


In patio now

Love sun, breeze, and ocean sounds

Lucky to be here


Wear clean clothes daily

And put on some makeup too

Earrings, watch, necklace


Always time to laugh

Right now especially good

The best medicine


When out do I mask?

That is a daily question

And what about gloves?


Terrified again

Numbers of upcoming deaths

Projected oy vey


What about the kids?

How are families doing?

Child care – work from home


Watched opera online

During the day fun

Had Zoom Talmud class



Today workout - walk - see friends

At 6 feet apart


Prep short Haggadah

Mini Passover Seder

Next Saturday night


Zoom Shabbat service

Bake oatmeal muffins before

Drive by - visit Kiddos


Sunday cleaning day

Kitchen - bath - bed - living room

Sanitize - we’re safe?


Walking with mask on

More people wearing them now

Looks so very strange


Poignant Passover

Just me and B home alone

Zoom - fam - Saturday


Family Seder

Zoom four households talk about

What sucks and what’s good


S.M. Cops enforce

Parks closure for Easter day

Still is Passover


What can we control?

What we eat - going to sleep

Staying in moment


Plan Zoom chat with friends

Sunday afternoon at two

Can’t wait to see them


Relax most of day

Practice recorder and read

Light Shabbat candles


Dream of astronauts

Space capsule return to earth

In front of me - weep


My back hurts - knees too

Right big toe and thumb nails sore

Not such big problems


Each morning strange dreams

After a good night sleeping

Processes life now


Afraid of future

More than of the present time

Folks - responsible?


Concern self – others

How are people coping now?

As best as they can


Grateful for my home

Appreciate well being

Feeling fine – have food


Eight p.m. “howl”

We are still alive and strong

Thank you health workers


Walk Abbott Kinney

To Venice and back to home

Stream Sondheim “Broadway”


Find myself so bored

Lots to do but don’t want to

Pro/con – yin/yang


This is a weird life

It could be better or worse

Who knows anymore?


Who are we today?

Who will we be tomorrow?

I don’t know - do you?


Stay in here and now

I remind myself daily

In order to live

Mon, August 3 2020 13 Av 5780