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This issue of the Galim appears in the form of a blog, rather than the carefully laid-out pages of a traditional magazine.  The blog format simplifies the production process.  Also, those of you who sent in your experiences didn’t have to worry about length.  And we readers get to appreciate the writers’ work with minimal editing.  We are fortunate to have so many good writers among our members!


Galim - Spring 2020

In This Issue:


- Letter from the Rabbi

- Letter from the President

-Continue On by Robyn Willson

-Adapt and Flex by Rachel Kann

-Covid Haiku by Carol Felixson

-Into the Wild: My Home Office by Kelley Courtney

-Living In Russia by...

Staying Connected in the Age of COVID-19

By Rabbi Gabriel Botnick



It’s now been more than two months since we last celebrated Shabbat together as a community in...Read more...

Letter from the President

By Cindy Goldstein


Here in my living room, as I alternate between lying on my couch watching Netflix or Amazon Prime Video and sitting at my computer attending Zoom meetings and Mishkon services, I am so ready to be done with this pandemic. 

I want to go to Mishkon, go shopping, be with people, especially all of you, go out to eat, not wear a mask, not think about what I’m touching, not wait in line to get into grocery stores, and...Read more...

Continue On

By Robyn Willson, Preschool Director


    It’s been two months since we closed the doors on our classrooms.  Since then, things have changed significantly in all of our lives.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the dedication of our amazing teachers.  Within days, they began developing an online program to continue providing educational instruction to our preschool families.  It wasn’t easy; there were hiccups along the way. ...Read more...

Adapt and Flex

By Rachel Kann, Religious School Director


      I continue to be deeply impressed and amazed by our Religious School students. Their ability to adapt and flex with heart and patience is inspiring. And we always have a good laugh! I appreciate the opportunity to see these bright kids be creative within new parameters.

      And even with only a few weeks left, we at the Religious School continue to deepen our...Read more...


By Carol Felixson


Scared and I am here

Doing what I can to help

Stay healthy and calm


Cities are closing

Almost everything and more

We isolate home


New reality

Are you kidding me? Nightmare

Taking it in stride


What ways can I help

First responders and those sick?

Donations - stay home


Busy...

Into the Wild: My Home Office

By Kelley Courtney


Someone in my office is driving me nuts. Hoarding information and forgetting where they stashed it! Zipping from one thing to another without any focus. Running ahead of the team. Tough to pin down. Does this sneaky co-worker sound familiar? Well, his name is Billy Squire, and he lives in my backyard! He’s my new pet squirrel.

Working from home has been lonely but also tranquil and productive, and full of vitamin D,...Read more...

Living in Russia

By Carol V. Davis


In some ways, living in Russia, particularly our first year there, 1996-97, was good training for what life is like now in Los Angeles. While there were no food shortages then, like there were after the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, not everything was easy to find. I got used to deciding how important something was. Did I want to spend the time traipsing all over St....Read more...

This Journey

By Lonnie Freedman


The pandemic has arrived, and we all have been affected in some way. I am fortunate enough to still be gainfully employed and working remotely. It has been a challenge to adjust to being at home all the time. I have had to become disciplined enough to step away from my desk every day at 5 and go for a walk. Obtaining enough masks and gloves became quite an adventure. And I have given up my search for Lysol.

This...

The Blessings of Technology

By Roz Silver


I've been wondering for the last week or so what it would have been like if the pandemic had hit before the advent of Zoom, Facebook, and Skype. It would have made a difficult situation much harder to bear.

I had never used Zoom before. By the end of March, when I finally got it loaded on my laptop after consulting Zoom support staff and a computer-savvy nephew, I was already suffering cabin fever from sheltering in...Read more...

Much Appreciated Help

By Gene Alper


Andy Bender          Sue Horn                 Rena Panush and the entire family            Morley Berenbach

Avery Krut             Evan Puziss                      Roberta Tishman           ...

No One Is Immune

Tiffany Wright


As far as I can tell, no one is immune to the Covid 15. Everyone is overeating. Partially, we can blame this on stress eating and boredom. However, there is also a wave of new chefs in their kitchens – for many, a room rarely used for serious cooking. While the current wisdom is to do whatever you have to in order to get by, this is not appropriate advice when it comes to daily eating habits.

Gaining only 10-15...

Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781