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Introduction to the High Holy Days Galim


Welcome to our High Holy Days Galim, a way for you to share what Mishkonians are thinking and doing during this very strange time in our lives.  You'll appreciate each writer's approach to the spiritual challenges of the pandemic as well as of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

This issue of the Galim appears in the form of a blog, rather than the carefully laid-out pages of a traditional magazine.  The blog format...Read more...

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Meet This Moment

Rabbi Gabriel Botnick

Throughout our history, we have faced many exceptional moments, which have altered the trajectory of the Jewish journey.     

 Following the destruction of the first Temple in Jerusalem, during our exile in Babylon, we had to...Read more...

New Challenges

By Cindy Goldstein, President

This year, for the first time, I have the luxury of attending Mishkon’s High Holy Days services only as a congregant. Picture me sitting in my seat! I’m not solving problems, helping to organize services, assisting the ushers, making sure the babies have arrived for their...Read more...

High Holy Days in the Time of Covid - Like Water Under the Bridge

By Carol Felixson


According to, “water under the bridge [or in this case – water under the pier] is a phrase used to describe an event or incident that has already happened and cannot now be changed, so here is no point in worrying about it anymore.” This is how I envision...Read more...

The Day the World Changed

By Carole Stein

The empty shelves at CVS and Vons. Soup, pasta, TP, GONE. Squash and tons of vegetables, lox, hair color still available. Which meant, OK, it wasn’t going to be that bad. … But going to the store in those early days of quarantine was so strange, everyone dancing around each other and the empty aisles...Read more...

Generosity of Spirit Is a Spiritual Practice

By David E.S. Stein, Communications Committee Chair

There are many flavors of Jewish spiritual practice. Jews connect to the spiritual dimension in an amazingly wide range of ways. Of course, according to rabbinic tradition, the...Read more...

Mishkon Is Calling

By Roz Silver

A few months ago, when the pandemic and isolation and social distancing were relatively new, volunteers coordinated by the Membership Committee looked back to an old technology to reach out to members and others under the uniquely stressful...Read more...

Preschool Report

Preschool Update

March started out like any other month; it was soon evident that it would end like nothing we had ever experienced before.  When the preschool closed its doors mid-month, many of us thought that it would be a short break and then we would be back in the classrooms.  It quickly became evident that that would not be the case.  That is when we switched gears and developed a whole new online program.  In a few short weeks, we...Read more...

Religious School Report

By Sasha Dominguez, Religious School Director

For those of you I have not met yet, my name is Sasha Dominguez. I am the new Religious School director. It feels strange to be joining a new community when we cannot meet in person as a community. Since I started at Mishkon in June, I have been meeting with our Religious School...Read more...


By Tiffany Wright

During the High Holy Days, we reflect on our sins, confess our sins, and atone for our sins. Often our “sins” are caused by our unwillingness to take responsibility and thus control over our behavior. Excuses are an obstacle in...Read more...

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Into Adult Education

By Roz Silver

Mishkon's Adult Education Committee has continued to plan and schedule a varied menu of virtual Zoom programs to enliven and enlighten pandemic stay-at-home experience.  We offer opportunities for learning and keeping members and families connected.

Rabbi Botnick’s interesting...

Our Newest Babies!


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