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Zoom Gala Gala!

By Carol Felixson


Mishkon’s annual Gala is one of its main fundraisers and a moment each year to bring our community together in celebration. But how do you hold a gala during a pandemic?

The answer: Zoom Gala Gala! The name was suggested by Rabbi Josh, and while he was a little embarrassed, my fellow co-chairs (Ira Schreck, Andy Bender, and Johanna Schmidt) and I loved it.

This year’s honoree goes by many names – Madame President, Our Girl and the Tzarina among them – but you know her as Cindy Goldstein. It will also be another occasion to welcome Rabbi Josh to the Mishkon family.

Here are the basics (more details and a formal invitation to follow):

  • What: A fun and entertaining happy hour cocktail party, full of food, music, and ruach courtesy of some of Mishkon’s leading personalities.  
  • When: Sunday, May 23, 2021 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. You will soon receive a Save the Date notice in the mail and your inbox.
  • Where: 150-plus of the finest establishments (i.e., guests will join us from the comfort of their own homes)
  • Dress: Black tie/T-shirt optional, or wear your finest consignment store finds, your Mishkon Hawaiian shirt or whatever makes you feel pretty, handsome, or festive.
  • Food and Drink: By some of our community’s best bartenders and chefs = YOU! Before the event, we will send recipes with Cindy’s favorite cocktails, dishes, and very chocolate desserts that you may choose to make at home.
  • Cost: The program is free to attend, but since it is a fundraiser, we hope you will make tax-deductible donations before, during, and/or after the Gala!
  • Questions or comments? Contact the committee at

There is so much you may not know about Cindy. To learn more, please see:

Click here to read questions and Cindy’s answers about the fundraiser and the current state of the shul.

On a personal note: Cindy is one of my closest friends at Mishkon (and I bet that most of you feel the same way). So when asked if I would serve as a co-chair for our 2021 Gala honoring her, of course I said, “Yes!”

She was one of the first people that I met at Mishkon. I appreciated her “straight shooting” style of communicating, how she helped me organize my closet and brought me clothes that she thought I would like to wear, and how she loved when I brought her clothes that I no longer wore – especially if they were from my Aunt Hope.

Cindy mentored me when I first joined the Tephila Committee. She is a confidant and supporter of so many Mishkonians. And while she is a no-nonsense kind of person, she really is a softie at heart – often tearing up over people’s joys and sorrows. She is well-known for her daily wardrobe and imaginative Purim costumes and encourages others’ creativity.

Cindy loves food – the richer the better – elegant and junk, she delights in it all. Butter is better, as are VERY dry wines and cocktails. And dare I mention CHOCOLATE? That should be her middle name.

Cindy has helped me (and I know many others) through some personal crises. She is quite knowledgeable and well-known as an activist in the diabetes community. In her own words

“I didn’t get Type 1 diabetes until I was 50, and it’s now clear that people of any age, not just young children, can get it. I am involved in a Type 1 diabetes support group, and I worked on lobbying Medicare to pay for insulin pumps and then continuous glucose monitors, which they eventually agreed to do. I also was an early adopter of inhaled insulin, and the Los Angeles Times wrote about me, photos included, which led to my appearing on a panel at a West Coast conference on drug delivery systems. I participate in every clinical trial and longitudinal study I’m eligible for, to improve services and products for people with Type 1 diabetes.”

Cindy is one of the most generous people that I know. She gives her all to whatever cause, organization, and person that she takes an interest in. I would say she gives 200% or more of her time, energy, and expertise. Mishkon is lucky to have her – in any and all capacities. And we as individuals and a congregation are lucky to honor her by coming to the Gala, making donations in her name, volunteering as we can, and when the time is right for us to meet in person, by showing up to the shul with joy in our heart.

Perhaps we’ll be like Miriam and the Israelites after they left Egypt and crossed the Red Sea. We’ll take timbrels in our hands and walk through the Mishkon sanctuary in a triumphal procession, singing and dancing!

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782