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Reimagining the Preschool

By Melissa Tarsky

Last March, when the preschool went on hiatus, we assumed that the hiatus would last for a few weeks or a month. Who knew that it would last for more than a year?

However, as we are approaching the end of the pandemic, we’ve started to think about reopening. To that end, a hiring committee has sent an offer to a candidate. We are reasonably sure that she will accept and will start soon thereafter.

Based on interviews with past, current, and potential preschool families, and based on discussions with local leaders in ECE (early childhood education), we have decided to make the school full-time for the older children and either full- or part-time for the younger ones. We are also going to be a year-round school, with the school year starting in July. Some things won’t be changing, however. We still believe that the Preschool at Mishkon will remain a loving, warm, and nurturing school with small classes, creative activities, Judaic learning, and plenty of opportunities for parental involvement.

Please spread the word that we will be reopening in July. Let friends and family know. Please have anyone who might be interested in the preschool contact the office.

As more details are finalized, we will be sharing them in the weekly Messenger and in targeted emails to our families with preschool-aged children.

We are really excited about the changes coming to our school, and we believe that they will make for a better educational experience for our families.

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782