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Hopefully Soon

By Roz Silver

One afternoon in late 2020 I took an infrequent Sunday outing down Main Street and passed the front of Mishkon. I was headed to a rare coastal drive but I had to stop myself from turning right to head to the Hampton parking lot. I've done that so many times over the decades.

A few weeks into the pandemic I read that it was the first time in 400 years that there was no Jewish synagogue worship in America. It may not have been true then and it's changed since. But the almost eerie thought offers a lesson in what we have come to expect.

A synagogue is a building. But it's also a gathering place, an arena for creating community, a treasure house of learning. Not for nothing is it called a shul. It IS a SCHOOL for how to meet life and each other. 

With vaccines in many arms and more doses hopefully on the way, we may soon turn from chatter about shots and appointments to talk of reopening. As safely as possible of course.

Zoom has kept us going. But it's not the same as meeting and greeting. We look forward to unrolled Torah scrolls, aliyahs on the bimah, in-person Shabbat and holiday gatherings. As Mishkon President Cindy Goldstein has been saying these many months, "From our mouths to God's ears."

When? We don't know exactly. But hopefully soon.

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782