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Introduction to the Winter Galim 2021

This issue of the Galim appears in the form of a blog, rather than the carefully laid-out pages of a traditional magazine.  The blog format simplifies the production process.  Also, those of you who sent in your articles didn’t have to worry about length.  And we readers get to appreciate the writers’ work with minimal editing.  We are fortunate to have so many good writers among our members!

Mishkon Tephilo


Your Divine Presence

By Rabbi Josh Katzan


I love the name Mishkon. Deriving from the Hebrew root Sh’K’N, it is the root for the Sh’khina, the Divine Presence. As well, Mishkon is the word for Tabernacle, the place where we draw closer to God with our offerings of quality, as these bring God closer to us. Mishkon is a place to be transformed...Read more...

Letter from the President

By Cindy Goldstein

So much has happened in our community since our last Galim appeared.  Believe it or not, it was published six months ago, in September for the High Holy Days.  We enjoyed a spectacular online High Holy Days, and then we moved on, finding new ways to stay together as a community during the pandemic.

We’ve continued with Friday night services and Saturday morning services.  We’ve participated online in Stephanie...Read more...

Reimagining the Preschool

By Melissa Tarsky

Last March, when the preschool went on hiatus, we assumed that the hiatus would last for a few weeks or a month. Who knew that it would last for more than a year?

However, as we are approaching the end of the pandemic, we’ve started to think...Read more...

An Interview with Rabbi Josh Katzan

By Andy Bender

What kind of religious upbringing did you have?

I was raised by a Humanistic-Jewish atheist/communistic/ethical-capitalist father, who himself was raised in an orthodox home both in Europe and then here in America. Although there...Read more...

Zoom Gala Gala!

By Carol Felixson


Mishkon’s annual Gala is one of its main fundraisers and a moment each year to bring our community together in celebration. But how do you hold a gala during a pandemic?

The answer: Zoom Gala Gala! The name was...

Jewish and Political

By Roz Silver

Are Jewish values connected to politics? 

Some would say they are intrinsically connected. Other ancient societies had laws, but the Torah’s concern with justice and mercy was rare and remains transformative, for us and for the societies the values helped to forge.

In late February, some of us were privileged to participate in a Zoom program by Rabbi Shai Cherry, an author (Coherent Judaism: Theology, Creation and...Read more...

What a Ride!

By Murray Kalis

These days, a lot of articles start with ‘What a year!’ That’s certainly true for your Mishkon Membership Committee. Only, let’s change it to “What a ride!”

Years past, being Membership Chair was like riding a merry-go-round. Nice and level and pretty sure you’d end up where...Read more...


By Suzanne Levy

TGIF. Or in our case, TGIFN. Friday night. Shabbat has lasted for thousands of years because of its ancient understanding about the relentless, non-stop nature of human activity. Whether you were herding sheep, laying bricks, laboring in the fields, or laboring in an office – all...Read more...

How Mishkon Changed My Life

By Roberta Tishman

Having grown up in a completely secular Jewish home in New York, I had no model for any kind of Jewish affiliation.   I have no memories of Shabbat meals, High Holiday services, or discussions about Israeli politics.   Yes, my brother did have a Bar Mitzvah at the local temple, but that was just because it was the thing to do if you were a Jewish boy growing up in New York.   Although I was his twin sister, there...Read more...

Hopefully Soon

By Roz Silver

One afternoon in late 2020 I took an infrequent Sunday outing down Main Street and passed the front of Mishkon. I was headed to a rare coastal drive but I had to stop myself from turning right to head to the Hampton parking lot. I've done that so many times over the decades.

A...

Welcome Our Newest Baby!

Nathan and Christina Schulman are excited to announce that they had a baby girl, Lila Schulman, on February 27, 2021.  Both mom and baby are doing well. Lila weighed in at 7 pounds 3 ounces and is their first baby! They are planning a Hebrew baby-naming ceremony when things start opening up and we can attend services in person (whenever that will be).


Fri, March 31 2023 9 Nisan 5783