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We have been so blessed at The Preschool at Mishkon to have started the calendar year by expanding the class! With more children, the teachers have been able to start building a larger community where families feel welcome and committed to being a part of Mishkon Tephilo.

Now, let’s take a quick peek into what it is like when you come to The Preschool at Mishkon …

The children put fine motor skills to good practice as we explored manipulating shaving cream! Using popsicle sticks, they mixed different watercolors into the shaving cream to see what color they could make. Giving children control over their activities like this allows them to build confidence! Using the popsicle sticks, the kiddos were able scoop shaving cream and spread it across seashells. Many friends enjoyed seeing the yellow seashell turn pink with the red shaving cream, while others simply enjoyed the feeling of squishing the colored shaving cream between their fingers and seeing their hands get some color! This sensory experience had adaptations for children who didn’t want to get dirty and those who wanted to immerse themselves in the shaving cream. Providing these options shows all the children that we see you, we value you, and we are here to support you through whatever your preferences are.

Throughout the week, the children are engaged by various specialists. Our music teacher creates a rich music program, combining songs, exposure to new instruments, and lots of movement. The children also have yoga and mindfulness programming weekly, during which the instructor, who specializes in early childhood, introduced the children to breathing and yoga through puppets, props, and music. She also incorporates Hebrew songs and Jewish content!

In the children’s first few years, the way that we incorporate Judaism into the curriculum is through engaging experiences, celebrating holidays, and daily conversation. Our students make challah dough weekly, experience Shabbat and holidays through interactive sensory explorations, and sing and dance together during Havdalah. Building memories and sensory experiences creates connections and builds community! We also use the language of Mitzvot through the day to model becoming positive contributing members of the Jewish and broader community.

We would love to welcome you for a tour of our facilities and, if you would be interested, in discussing our program further! Please reach out to Director Tatiana Zaidman, MAEd ECE at

Mon, June 5 2023 16 Sivan 5783