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Rabbi Katzan served as the senior rabbi at Congregation Habonim in New York City for eight years, but he has deep roots in Los Angeles. In fact, his great-grandparents were founders of Mishkon, his great-grandfather was the first president of Mishkon, and his parents were married at Mishkon. 
Rabbi Katzan has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Cal State Northridge and received his Rabbinic Ordination at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the University of Judaism (now American Jewish University), along with master’s degrees in education and rabbinic literature. Additionally, he holds certifications in non-profit business management and Jewish meditation instruction. He has wide experience in education at all levels, non-profit organization, and music, especially guitar. He has also studied and worked in Israel. Most recently, he’s been teaching at Ziegler.

Feel free to call Rabbi Katzan at (310) 392-3029 extension 6, on his direct line at (323) 943-2943, on his cell phone at (303) 204-0351, or email him at

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RABBI EMERITUSrabbishevitz

After 20 years of service as pulpit rabbi of Mishkon Tephilo, Rabbi Dan Shevitz has transitioned to the position of Rabbi Emeritus.  He is known for many things at Mishkon – preaching, singing, playing accordion, telling stories, reading Torah, and blowing shofar – but most of all for bringing clarity and real-world application to Mitzvot and traditions.

Among his accomplishments, Rabbi Dan is the principal percussionist of the Palisades Symphony Orchestra, a trained sushi chef, a private pilot, a messader gittin (rabbi trained in arranging Jewish divorce), and a Talmud teacher at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies of the American Jewish University. Rabbi Dan lives in Venice with Humuhumunukunuku (lovingly known as Humu), his Mollucan cockatoo.  He can be reached at



Tatiana has been educated entirely in Jewish institutions, and that has instilled in her Jewish values that have inspired her passion for Jewish early childhood education. Her professional career has been spent working in preschools connected to synagogues around Los Angeles and receiving a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from American Jewish University. Her time as an educator has furthered her passion for cultivating and nurturing the ethical and moral aspects of development in young children in addition to the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical aspects.

Her belief that children learn best through emergent curriculum has resulted in her success with children of all ages and developmental stages. Listening to what children are interested in and differentiating from there has led to her success in classrooms and programs through the years. All developing children deserve a nurturing environment that supports their individual needs while providing plenty of fun and engagement.

She looks forward to bringing her expertise to Mishkon and providing uniquely loving, innovative, and high-quality programming to the community. Feel free to call Tatiana at (310) 396-7733, or email her at Susan Sims Bodenstein Preschool  at



Ellie is a creative educator with extensive experience in both formal and informal Jewish educational settings. Most recently, she served as the Religious School Director for University Synagogue. As Religious School Director, she helped teachers develop authentic experiences within the curriculum. She wrote and created new enriching experiences for learning and lead family learning activities to bring families into the community and connect with their child’s learning. 

Ellie has spent more than 15 years working with youth groups and Religious Schools in and around the Los Angeles area where she supervised, mentored, and collaborated with staff to develop a variety of learning experiences for youth and teens.




Our  synagogue administrator is charged with overseeing day-to-day activities, improving performance, developing organizational culture, supervising heads of departments, reporting on revenue, and maintaining the calendar and website.  Feel free to call him at (310) 392-3029 ext 5, or email him at at



Erin’s professional experience includes office management and executive support for startup, nonprofit, and for-profit businesses; editorial work for nonprofits and private clients; accounting; business development; startup/nonprofit administration and consulting; permaculture design and organic farming; and landscape design.

Erin served in the U.S. Military Intelligence division as a Korean linguist and spent time volunteering at the United Nations Development Programme, Delhi, India. She has volunteered at wildlife reserves, animal shelters, homeless shelters, Veterans hospitals, and the Jewish National Fund. She currently supports and advises environmental activist and human rights organizations in Costa Rica and India.

Erin holds a master's degree in Environment, Development & Peace from the United Nations Mandated University for Peace, a bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies with specialization in Foreign Language Studies, and an associate's degree in Korean Language from the U.S. Military Defense Language Institute. Erin is bilingual (English, Spanish) and has studied and taught Hebrew, Korean, and several other languages. She is certified in Ayurvedic treatment and lifestyle, hatha yoga, and permaculture design. Erin’s favorite pastimes include traveling abroad, hiking, cooking, and spending time with her 15-year-old pup, Daisy Belle.

Erin can can be reached at (310) 392-3029 ext 4 or by email at

BOOKKEEPER, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Our bookkeeper is our behind-the-scenes money manager, keeping track of all the funds flowing in and out of Mishkon, helping us stay in the black at all times.  Vivienne also handles payroll and taxes (even non-profits have to deal with taxes), making sure our employees are paid regularly and correctly.  When we apply for grants and Payroll Protection Plan forgivable loans, she provides all the numbers, which make us look capable and deserving.  We wouldn’t even think about doing anything financial without consulting Vivienne! She can be reached at (310) 392-3029 ext 7 or by email at



As our custodian, Ruben keeps the place humming. He maintains the cleanli­ness of the premises. He sets up tables and chairs for classrooms and events. He mops up messes. He waters the plants. He oils squeaky hinges. And he gets the trash and the recycling where they need to go. Ruben also keeps a watchful eye on the premises, promptly reporting safety hazards and other facilities issues that our executive director might not otherwise know about. Occasionally, he also undertakes special maintenance and repair projects. One of Ruben’s most important jobs, however, is greeting the children outdoors when they come to preschool.  They love him, and he loves them, and it’s obvious to everyone!


Tue, September 28 2021 22 Tishrei 5782