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Ordained by the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, Rabbi Gabriel Botnick has been the rabbi at Mishkon Tephilo for three years. He is a certified Mohel, performing Brit Milah, and is the only non-Orthodox Rabbi in the world who is certified by the Israeli Rabbinate to perform kosher slaughter on any animal.  Gabriel is the founder of Tekumah, the first and only Jewish organization dedicated to teaching the holy trades to any Jew interested in learning. Before rabbinical school, he worked for many years as a jeweler, community organizer, and youth director. He previously served as Rabbi of Temple Aliyah in Woodland Hills and, before that, was the Rabbinic Intern of IKAR and a long-standing member of its musical prayer team.  

Drawing on his extensive experience as a musician, community organizer, and teacher, Gabriel is passionate about developing innovative and engaging ways to access the Jewish tradition as well as making Judaism relevant and meaningful in our busy, modern lives.  A native of Cleveland, Ohio, he has lived in Los Angeles for more than a decade. Both Gabriel and his wife, Rabbi Rose Prevezer, are longtime lovers of Venice and its vibrant community. They are thrilled to be in the Mishkon Tephilo family and are enjoying their spiritual and communal home. Feel free to call Rabbi Botnick at (310) 392-3029 or on his cell at  (323) 393-3103 or email him at  APPOINTMENTS: If you would like to schedule a call, online chat, or in-person meeting with Rabbi Botnick, please click here to request an appointment.



We are thrilled to welcome Ellen as our new Education Director. She directs both the preschool and the religious school. More information will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can contact Ellen at or (310) 396-7733.




Kelley brings her expertise from Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, where she worked in the Religious School, Membership, and Database departments for nearly ten years. She is a member of PATA (Professional Association of Temple Administrators). Originally from Detroit and Chicago, she has been here in Los Angeles since the winter of 2003 after a three-year stint in Ft. Lauderdale. She attended Northern Illinois University, majoring in education, and graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in marketing. She loves bowling, dessert making, fixing things, and her talented daughter, Sami, who is an amazing artist and graphic designer. Kelley is thrilled to be part of the wonderful community here at Mishkon.

You can reach Kelley at





Afterabbishevitzr 20 years of service as pulpit rabbi of Mishkon Tephilo, Rabbi Dan Shevitz has transitioned to the position of Rabbi Emeritus.  Rabbi Dan is known for many things at Mishkon – preaching, singing, playing accordion, telling stories, reading Torah, and blowing shofar – but most of all for bringing clarity and real-world application to Mitzvot and traditions.

Among his accomplishments, Rabbi Dan is the principal percussionist of the Palisades Symphony Orchestra, a trained sushi chef, a private pilot, a messader gittin (rabbi trained in arranging Jewish divorce), and a Talmud teacher at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies of the American Jewish University. Rabbi Dan lives in Venice with Humuhumunukunuku (lovingly known as Humu), his Mollucan cockatoo.  He can be reached at

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